Minister of Transport, Chairman of CAMA and Taiz Governor Discuss Airports’ Sector Development Mechanism

H.E. Minister of Transport-Brigade/ Zakaria Al-Shami, Chairman of CAMA, Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader and Governor of Taiz- Mr. Amin Al Bahr attended a meeting in Airports' Sector in which they discussed the modernization of Airports' Sector in line with the international requirements of

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CAMA Organizes E- Archiving Training Course

An Electronic Archiving Training Course that is organized by the CAMA in cooperation with the First Yemeni Institute for Quality and Professional Development was launched on 9th Feb. 2019. The 5-day program aims to provide 17 employees and participants with the skills of organizing the

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CAMA Organizes Training Course No. (1) Related to Tenders, Auctions and Their Procedures in Accordance with Yemeni Law

A Training Course titled "Tenders Auctions and their Procedures in accordance with the Yemeni Law" that is organized by CAMA in the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Institute (CAMI), started on 9th Feb. 2019 aiming to provide 25 participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with

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(CAMA Organizes SMS Training Course No. (21

A Training Course on Safety Management System (SMS) began on 9th Feb. 2019 at Civil Aviation and Meteorology Institute (CAMI) and organized by CAMA. The ten-day program aims at providing information to twenty-five participants of civil aviation employees related to the basic concepts of

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