Deputy Chairman of CAMA: We will have to Close Sana’a Airport Because of Lack of Fuel

The Deputy Chairman of CAMA- Mr. Raed Taleb Jabal stressed that Sana’a International Airport is unable to continue the provision of the air navigational service to the aircraft of the UN and Relief and Humanitarian Organizations as a result of running out of basic, stand-by and emergent fuels. He said in a press statement to Yemen News Agency (Sheba): we will be obliged to close the airport in front of the UN flights due to running out of fuels and the airport is unable to provide the necessary quantities to operate the airport to receive the UN flights”.  


He also pointed out that the airport is unable to run the power generators, firefighting vehicles, systems and equipment that are needed to provide the services to the UN and Relief and Humanitarian Organizations that are arriving and departing to/ from the airport on a daily basis. He highlighted that the airport is facing since more than two months a big difficulty in supplying its needs from the necessary fuels. 

Meanwhile, he stressed that the American- Saudi Coalition aggression is preventing the ships of oil derivatives to Hodeidah Seaport, holding the coalition aggression full responsibility for closing the airport in front of the UN flights and stopping of the services in it.

The Deputy Chairman of CAMA called the UN and the International Organizations working in Yemen to intervene immediately to supply the oil derivatives to ensure the continuity of work at the airport and provision of services to the aircraft of the UN and Humanitarian Organizations working in Yemen.

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