CAMA’s Employees Social Interdependence Fund Board of Directors Meet

CAMA’s Employees Social Interdependence Fund Board of Directors convened a meeting on 18th August 2020 headed by Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader- Chairman of

CAMA and attended by the members of the Fund.

The meeting discussed a number of issues with concern to the Fund and its affiliated members of which presenting the activities of the Fund during the last 16 years as well as going through the financial report for the same period. During the meeting, the previous members of the Board were honored for their exerted efforts during their work interim. 

Meanwhile, new members of the Executive Bureau of the Fund were elected where Dr. Naji Al-Sohmi was elected as Secretary General, Mr. Abdullah Al-Jedri as Financial Officer, Mr. Ibrahim Ganaf as Administrative Officer, Mr. Mohammed Al-Massri as Legal Officer, Alaa Al-Deen Rassam, Nedhal Abdullah and Fahmi Al-Daini were elected as Members of Control Committee.

At the end of the meeting, a number of issues related to the work of the Fund were discussed to which suitable measures were taken.    

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