CAMA Board of Directors Holds Its Third Periodical Meeting for Year 2020

CAMA Board of Directors held on 28th June 2020 its third periodical meeting chaired by Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader- Chairman of CAMA in which they stood a minute

of mourning reciting “Alfateha” on the soul of the decedent Eng. Hassan Abdo Sohbi- the Advisor to the Chairman of CAMA. Then, they discussed a number of issues included in the Agenda of which the evaluation of the Board of Directors’ meetings of the last year 2019 and the first quarter of the current year 2020 in addition to reviewing the Balance Sheet of CAMA for the fiscal year 2017.

Meanwhile, the meeting also discussed the proposal of adopting additional fees named “Airport’s Operating Support Fees” and CAMA’s Revenues Diversification and Development (Future Aspiration). The meeting was concluded by taking a number of decisions and recommendations on such issues.    

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