Honoring of Sana’a International Airport Electricity Engineers

The Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader together with Mr. Khaled Al-Shayef- Director General Sana’a International Airport honored on 1st of April 2020

(40) Engineers and employees of Electricity Directorate. During the ceremony that was attended by Mr. Yahya Al-Kohlani- Asst. Deputy Chairman of Airports’ Sector and Mr. Aosan Jarrallah Omar- Deputy Director Gen. Sana’a International Airport, Chairman of CAMA praised the efforts of the Electricity Directorate employees to improve the air services since the beginning of the aggression.

He also drew the attention to the steadfastness of the airport’s employees as one team which contributes in enhancing the technical readiness of the airport. In turn, the Director General of the airport stressed on the importance of such honoring as an appreciation to the  Engineers’ efforts in supplying power to all the facilities of the airport. He also praised the support of the Ministry of Transport and CAMA’s leaderships to maintain the technical and operational readiness of the airport which aborted the endeavours of the aggression to get the airport out of readiness.           

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