CAMA Organizes Workshop to Introduce National Vision for Building New State of Yemen

In the presence of the Deputy Chairman- Mr. RaedTalibJabal, CAMA organized at the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Institute on 27th January 2020 a workshop on the National

Vision for building the NewState of Yemen. The workshop aimed to introduce 36 participants from CAMA’s employees, its Sectors and Directorateson how to prepare plans, programs and initiatives in accordance with the goals of the National Vision for building the NewState of Yemenand its follow-up mechanism.

In the workshop which was attended by the Director General of the Institute- Dr. Naji Al-Sohmi, Dr. FarajBa’athr- Director General of Planning and Projects, and Mr. Saddam Hussein Hazeb, lectures were delivered to introduce the National Vision, its goals, plans and implementation mechanism. The topics were enriched and discussed to take advantage of the workshop axes and come up with scientific visions that contribute to execution.

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