Introductory workshop in Sana'a to introduce the national vision for building the modern Yemeni state

A three-day workshop aimed at introducing (120) participants from the Ministry of Transport, its affiliated authorities and corporations to the preparation of plans, programs and initiatives in accordance with the objectives of the National Vision for Building the New Yemeni State and follow-up mechanism. In the workshop, which was attended by the Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader and the Deputy Chairman of CAMA- Mohammed Al-Sharif, H.E. Minister of Transport- Brigade/ Zakaria Al-Shami

pointed out that the national vision will define the features of the New Yemeni State based on equality and social justice. He also considered the convening of the workshop as a translation of the national vision. The Minister stressed on the need to benefit from the axes of the workshop to come up with scientific visions that contribute to the execution of transport projects.

In turn, the Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader said that CAMA has ambitious projects that have been developed within the national vision in the field of civil aviation, which contributes to promote a qualitative leap for civil aviation and meteorology at the local and international level. On his part, the Acting Director General of Civil Aviation and Meteorology Institute- Mr. Mohammed Hajar praised the interest of the leadership of the Ministry of Transport and CAMA in the Institute and its requirements.


He also explained that the Institute is working to develop the employees and staff in line with modern technology and international concepts in the various fields of civil aviation

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