Discussing the Organizational Regulations of the Sports Committee in the Ministry of Transport

  H.E. Minister of Transport- Brigade/ Zakaria Al-Shami chaired the first meeting of the Sports Committee in the Ministry of Transport in Sana'a.

 During the meeting, they discussed the regulations of the sports committee, the tasks and competencies related to all sports activities.


  The meeting approved to launch the first sports league football of the Ministry of Transport, Authorities and its Institutions on 16th September 2019.

 In the meeting, the Minister of Transport pointed to the important of sport in enhancing the physical and mental abilities of the employees of the Ministry of Transport and all its institutions and authorities , as well as opening areas for acquaintance, rapprochement and cooperation among them.

  The Minister urged the important of developing  activities and sports teams in order to contribute in the future to their participation in local sports championships. He stressed the ministry's readiness to overcome all difficulties of the sports committee and to facilitate its work.

 For his part, Chairman of the Sports Committee Mr. Naji Al-Marqab praised the Minister of Transport's support and encouragement for such activities. He stressed the keenness to complete the committee's tasks ةand achieve the desired goals of the implementation of sports activities.

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