Honoring Minister of Transport and Chairman of CAMA

CAMA's Employees Syndicates' Union honored today in Sana'a H.E. Minister of Transport- Brigade/ Zakaria Al-Shami and the Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader for their efforts in maintaining CAMA, its properties and the work progress which goes in a disciplined manner under the exceptional conditions that are witnessed by the country of war and aggression.

In the honoring ceremony, which was attended by Deputy Ministry of Transport for Air Transport Sector- Mr. Abdullah Al-Ansi, Dr. Abdulhamid Abu Talib- CAMA's Asst. Deputy Chairman for Civil Aviation Safety, Mr. Abdullah Al-Mutawakil- Asst. Deputy Chairman for Air Navigation Sector, Mr. Khalid Al-Shayef - Director General of Sana'a International Airport and all the employees of the CAMA, he Minister of Transport delivered a speech in which he stressed that such honoring represents a great incentive and encouragement for exerting much more and great efforts to further develop the work of CAMA. He also pointed out that CAMA is the only institution that has maintained solidity despite the attempts by some to tear it down, explaining that CAMA is working professionally, impartially and completely away from politics.


He praised the role played by CAMA's Employees Syndicates' Union in the work of CAMA, the evaluation, correction of errors and taking care of the rights of all the of CAMA, stressing that cooperation and work in the spirit of one team will with no doubt develop the level of performance. "You are through your steadfastness, determination, and diligence at work, encouraging us to be as one hand in developing CAMA's work and saving it from demolishing, stagnation and the preservation of its properties," he said.


Meanwhile, the Minister of Transport referred to the interest and keenness of the Supreme Political Council of CAMA and its cadres due to their development in the field of civil aviation in all Governorates of the Republic.


He also praised the role of women in their steadfastness and standing alongside their fellow men in maintaining CAMA in all areas of civil aviation. The Minister of Transport congratulated the employees of CAMA and the Yemeni women on their World Day, stressing that they are men's partners in all the practical and scientific aspects of life and in the development and prosperity. On his part, the Chairman of CAMA's Employees Syndicates' Union- Mr. Khalid Al-hamdani referred that the recognition and gratitude of both the Minister of Transport and Chairman of CAMA is deemed the least of what should be provided for their efforts in the preservation of CAMA and its properties under the war and blockade imposed on our country.



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