Minister of Transport, Chairman of CAMA and Taiz Governor Discuss Airports’ Sector Development Mechanism

H.E. Minister of Transport-Brigade/ Zakaria Al-Shami, Chairman of CAMA, Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader and Governor of Taiz- Mr. Amin Al Bahr attended a meeting in Airports' Sector in which they discussed the modernization of Airports' Sector in line with the international requirements of

ICAO. The meeting, which was also attended by Asst. Deputy Chairman of Airports' Sector- Mr. Mohammed Al-Sharif, Mr. Ameen Guma'an- Airports' Sector Director General, Taiz Airport Director General- Mr. Nabil Shamsan, specialists and technicians of the Sector, reviewed the plans, programs and development studies for the current year in the Sector, achievement report for the last year 2018 and the difficulties faced by the Sector.

In the meantime, the meeting discussed the possibility of rehabilitating Taiz International Airport because of its importance as it links a number of Governorates. Engineering designs and plans for the development and modernization of the airport were presented in accordance with international requirements of ICAO. On his part, Minister of Transport stressed the importance of rehabilitating Taiz International Airport due to its strategic importance and geographical location. He praised the role of the local authority in Taiz Governorate for their preservation of the airport's campus and lands. He also paid an attention to the interest of the leadership of the Governorate represented by the Governor in the rehabilitation of the airport, preservation of its properties and the prevention of any random illegal constructions within the campus of the airport. Meanwhile, Governor of Taiz pointed out to the need to rehabilitate the airport as it serves a number of Governorates. He stressed on the keenness of the local authority to preserve the properties and lands of the airport. At the end of the meeting, Minister of Transport and Chairman of CAMA honored the Governor of Taiz with the Ministry's and CAMA's shields for his efforts related to the protection of the airport and preservation of its properties.

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