CAMA Organizes Training Course No. (1) Related to Tenders, Auctions and Their Procedures in Accordance with Yemeni Law

A Training Course titled "Tenders Auctions and their Procedures in accordance with the Yemeni Law" that is organized by CAMA in the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Institute (CAMI), started on 9th Feb. 2019 aiming to provide 25 participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with

tenders, auctions and their procedures in accordance with Yemeni Law and to identify the duties and authority powers of tenders' Committees, necessary documents and how to deal with them.

During the opening, Director General of the Institute delivered a speech in which he welcomed the participants of the course and urged them to make use of the contents of the training course as much as possible, indicating the readiness of the Institute to provide all facilitations for the success of the course and the achievement of its objectives. For his part, Planning and Projects Director General- Dr. Farag Ba'athar indicated in his speech that such course shall be resembled as a workshop for exchange of experiences, knowledge and skills among the participants, especially as it is the first training course held in this important field.

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