Legal Affairs Directorate General – Tasks and Responsibilities

Legal Affairs Directorate General – Tasks and Responsibilities:


  1. Preparation and drafting of Laws and Resolutions of legislative form as well as Decisions and Administrative Orders issued by the Chairman of CAMA.
  1. Supervising the work of the lawyers working in CAMA HQ, Airports and Sectors.
  1. Issuing formal legal advice and providing legal opinion on issues and cases referred to the Directorate.
  1. Attending the cases that are raised by CAMA and/ or against it before the courts and various jurisdictions and arbitration Tribunals locally and abroad.
  1. Preparing, drafting and reviewing Contracts and Agreements in which CAMA is a party and taking the necessary legal procedures to document and file them. 
  1. Participating in financial and administrative violations that might be made by the employees of CAMA and its airports and preparing legal letters of the results and recommendations thereon.
  1. Participate with relevant Directorates in the preparation and drafting of bilateral Air Transport Agreements.
  1. Examine grievances against administrative decisions issued by CAMA and referring the results and recommendations thereon based on the referral of the Chairman of CAMA or Deputy Chairman.
  1. Monitoring the application and implementation of laws, resolutions and contracts and reporting any violations of the Law.
  1. Follow up and study all Laws and decisions issued by the State that are related to the activity of CAMA and the affairs of employees and issue all necessary interpretations related to it in addition to classifying, validating and filing it for easy reference.
  1. Taking administrative detention procedures to collect the outstanding dues of CAMA with others.
  1. Preparation of studies and legal research and submission of proposals aiming to develop the regulations of CAMA.
  1. Studying and presenting CAMA’s opinion regarding what is referred to the Ministry of Legal Affairs.
  1. Participating in committees which nature of work requires the representation of legal affairs.
  1. Any other tasks and responsibilities assigned to it.


Tasks and Responsibilities of Documentation Directorate

  • Save and filing the Resolutions in special files for each year.
  • Record the daily work transactions in the records and following up the instructions of Legal Affairs Director General.
  • Distributing daily transactions to the directors according to their scope of work.
  • Issue, follow up the Resolutions and referring them to Chairman of CAMA for signature
  • Distributing the Resolutions that are approved by the Chairman of CAMA.
  • Circulating the Resolutions to the concerned authorities in CAMA, its Sectors and Airports.
  • Prepare the plan of all directorates, follow up the directors of various departments after approval and distribute them to the concerned authorities in CAMA
  • Preparation of financial, technical and administrative training plan.
  • Follow up the Official Legal Journal.
  • Recording the Official Journal in special records after classification.
  • Filing the Official Journal in specific cabinets.


Tasks and functions of the Department of

Legal Advice “Fatwas” and Legislations

  • Preparing and drafting the Resolutions and administrative orders issued by the Chairman of CAMA after ensuring that the legal conditions are fulfilled to be issued.
  • Issuing fatwas and giving legal opinion on issues and cases referred to the Directorate and informing them to the concerned authorities in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.
  • Review the files of those who will be appointed to the posts in terms of meeting the requirements of appointment and issuing the Resolutions to them.
  • Reviewing and preparing the structures by adding the new established directorates and sections in CAMA and its branches after approval.
  • Review and prepare laws and regulations drafts of legislative form related to CAMA and its branches.
  • Preparation of internal and external correspondence in accordance with the provisions of the law and the regulations in force.


 Tasks and Responsibilities of Claims and Investigations Directorate

  1. Representing CAMA and initiating cases by or against it and standing before the courts of various degrees, various jurisdictions and arbitration tribunals internally and abroad.
  2. Participating in the financial and administrative violations of the employees of CAMA HQ, its airports and preparing the legal memoranda and referring the conclusions and recommendations thereon.
  3. Examining the grievances of the administrative decisions issued by CAMA and referring the results and submitting of recommendations thereon based on the referral of the Chairman or Deputy Chairman of CAMA.
  4. Take actions of administrative seizure procedures to collect the outstanding dues of CAMA from third parties.


Tasks and competences of contracts and agreements management

  1. Making different contracts which include (supply contracts – construction contracts – employment contracts - cleaning and maintenance contracts – guarding contracts for different buildings of CAMA, orders for constructions directorate general and training contracts)
  2. Review the different agreements and contracts from all airports, which include rent contracts for offices in airports, advertising spaces panels contracts and others.
  3. Recording of contracts in special records and filing them in special files to facilitate easy reference at any time.
  4. Editing letters for different issues related to the contracts and the stages of signature after the approval of the Chairman of CAMA and Director General of Legal Affairs of airports and sectors.
  5. Monitoring and following up the execution of contracts.
  6. Follow up the documentation and filing of contracts procedures.
  7. Review tenders and contracts documents to ensure its completion.
  8. Documentation and filing of contracts.
  9. Ensure the good progress of execution and the absence of stumbling through the projects' schedules.
  10. Proposing to take necessary legal action in case of delay in execution.
  11. Reporting on the legal status of each project, its parties and the procedures to be taken.




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