Administrative Affairs General Directorate

Administrative Affairs General Directorate Specializations/ Responsibilities:

  • 1) Prepare the comprehensive Plan for CAMA employees and develop it according to the economical needs of the Country.
  • 2) Supervising the procedures of employment
  • 3) Follow-up and monitor all employees affairs since they join CAMA until their retirement and explain the procedures of recruitment including the followings:-
    • Complete the procedures of applications and replacement tests.
    • Pay the Salaries, wages and allowances.
    • Retirement affairs
    • Completing the procedures of rewards, promotions, transferring and redistribute the employees.
    • Controlling the attendance and applying the absence punishment.
  • 4) Preparing training strategies that aims to achieve the Administrative Development Plans.
  • 5) Participating in the employees Affairs (HR) committees
  • 6) Participating in the restructuring projects and prepare and amend the regulations regarding the employment.
  • 7) Apply and implement Employees Health Care Programme
  • 8) Achieving all the correspondences and make them ready for easy reference.

Administrative Affairs  Directorates and Departments

  • HR Directorate
  • Benefits Directorate
  • Training Directorate
  • Insurance & Pensions Directorate
  • Achieving Directorate
  • Benefits Directorate (Branches)
  • Benefits Directorate (H.Q and Domestic Airports)
  • Covenant & Advances Section
  • Administrative & Financial Training Directorate
  • Training Coordination Directorate
  • Secretarial Section
  • Health Care Directorate

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