Tasks and Responsibilities of Public Service Directorate

  1. Receiving daily incoming mail from the representative of the Directorate General based on the type of request that will be reviewed by the concerned clerk to see whether it fulfills all the required documents as stipulated in Civil Aviation Law, Fees Regulation and Aviation Services manual.  

  1. Recording the completed requests in the specified applications' register manually and automatically after fulfilling the official fees. The applicant shall be given receipt indicating application registration number, date of receipt, the date specified for delivery of the transaction, name of the clerk receiving the application.

  1. Daily follow-up of the applications' procedures progress and avoid any delay that may obstruct the work progress of the application.

  1. Preparing daily reports of the applications work progress including any obstacles that may hinder the work progress

  1. Receiving the daily incoming mail, correspondences and transactions from the Sectors and airports through the Secretary Section.

  1. Being connected with the Internal Network of CAMA's Premises to follow–up the applications progress and feedback.  

  1. Receiving applications forms, procedures manuals, approved required documents, data and fees from the other Directorates General and the time period specified for completing the various applications.   

  1.  Submitting monthly reports to the Director General of Chairman's Office concerning the work progress and obstacles and difficulties that are facing the work and proposing solutions as well as specifying the number of transactions per service provided by CAMA and the extent of compliance with the Services Manual.   

  1. Preparing all the concepts and proposals that contribute to simplify and facilitate the work procedures in terms of time and cost to be reviewed and submitted to the Chairman of CAMA for approval.

  1. Each Directorate General shall name its representative in Public Service Directorate to be selected in accordance with the standards of competence, reliability and adequate knowledge of the work nature and administrative procedures.

  1. Each representative in Public Service Directorate shall be directly responsible to Public Service Director for the progress of transactions, requests and applications in his Directorate.

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