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Functions of the Public Relations Department For the General Authority of Civil Aviation and Meteorology

  • Media channels management:

The concept of the Public Relations Department of the authority or institution is not limited to managing the company's social media accounts or any other means of communication that the institution may possess, but rather goes beyond that to the Department of Media and Documentation in the Authority by communicating with the press authorities and providing them with the necessary information about the Authority’s work, by issuing statements and press reports. Interacting and communicating with the various authorities to ensure the formation of a positive public image for the authority.

  • Develop service strategies:

Some may say that such a task is the tasks of the air transport officials in the authority, but the Public Relations Department is considered part of the service and the two parties often work together in the same agency, so one of the tasks of the Public Relations Department at the authority is to work with the General Administration of Air Transport by developing appropriate service strategies. For the work of the authority and associates of companies working in the field of aviation.

  • Analysis of service and communication strategies:

In addition to assisting in developing service strategies, it is one of the tasks of the Public Relations Department, analyzing these strategies and measuring the extent of their success, and their effectiveness in achieving the company's goals, to work later on developing them accordingly.

  • Communication Operations Department:

The Public Relations Department manages the communication processes inside and outside companies and government and private entities, between the various departments of the authority and between the administration and employees, and outside the authority with the public, media institutions and companies, and this is in order to achieve the maximum possible benefit and ensure that the messages reach the public or the appropriate party, whatever.

  • Correspondence:

Correspondence within the authority includes many tasks that will achieve the promotional goals of its service, and this is done through documents, presentations, reports, emails and written messages that can be sent to various parties inside and outside the company, and all of this is one of the tasks of the public relations department in companies. Institutions and banks.

  • Internal communication:

Internal communication goes beyond just sending an email to the authority’s employees and officials informing them about the new work policies in the authority. Rather, the General Administration of Relations must undertake to explain such policies in an appropriate manner.

  • Media Training:

This is mainly in the public relations department in the emerging companies' bodies, in which the employees or officials do not have much experience in communicating with the various parties outside the company, especially the media, so the public relations department officials train the responsible individuals in the organization to communicate of this kind, They may train some of the authority’s employees if the need arises.

  • Idea Management:

From the Public Relations Department in the various bodies or companies and institutions following up on new ideas that appear in the various departments in addition to the solutions and suggestions that can be submitted by any of the authority’s members that contribute to the development and progress of the work, and then the Public Relations Department officials follow up on these ideas and communicate them To the responsible authorities for study and implementation. Editing the assets of the Public Relations Department:

This includes many tasks and responsibilities that are usually assumed by the Public Relations Department, such as writing any reports or documents related to the public relations department in the institution and other bodies, media and press reports, special texts in the field of civil aviation services with different parties, describing the various events and activities that You may organize, edit invitations and meetings when needed, and other related matters.

  • Crisis Management

This does not mean the problems and crises directly related to the work or the authority’s specialization, but rather those crises that the authority may encounter in front of the public, such as mistakes, partnerships problems, crises with competitors, crises raised by employees for various reasons and other crises that may affect the public image For the body.

  • Submit reports:

Every agency or company must have periodic reports that are sent to the authority’s management and other parties, perhaps such as investors in private bodies or companies, and here the matter is needed for someone to draft these reports and add the necessary information to the party that will receive the report, and this is one of the tasks of the Relationship Management Public bodies.

  • Exploitation of events in the field of civil aviation service and meteorology:

This can be done according to many forms and methods, such as drafting letters during the various events that the authority’s officials may attend, attending conferences in the field of the authority’s work and its specialization, exploiting social events while ensuring the authority’s aviation services from submitting offers and requesting aviation grants for the authority’s employees from aviation authorities Civil and meteorology.

  • Relationships of the Public Relations Department with influencers:

Many aviation organizations and companies today are focusing on their relationship with influential people in society, including bloggers and famous people on social media, who are followed by millions, which enhances service efforts in the field of civil aviation and contributes to communicating with a larger audience through these influencers, which is the process that you undertake Public relations management in bodies and companies in the field of civil aviation and meteorology.

  • Formulating the visual identity of the body:

Some believe that this task is one of the responsibilities of the air transport team in the aviation authorities, but the service functions of air transport always overlap with the general administration of relations. The visual identity, for example, is a common task between the two administrations to reach a unified form that conveys to the public the authority's message and general idea and contributes to enhancing its service mark in the field of civil aviation and meteorology.

  • Building positive relationships:

Finally, with regard to the authority, companies, aviation agencies and other government agencies, whose work includes constant communication with clients and customers, one of the tasks of the Public Relations Department in aviation authorities and companies is to ensure building strong and positive trust relationships with customers and clients of all kinds, and sending them a positive image of the authority. This is done by working side by side with other divisions and departments in the authority, the most important of which are customer and customer services in the field of civil aviation and meteorology.

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