The tasks and responsibilities of CAMI

  • Establishing the training policy of CAMI and supervising its execution in accordance with the requirements of CAMA
  • Participating in preparing the annual training plans and the estimated budget to be executed
  • Selecting the teaching members of CAMI
  • Preparing the annual budget project to be discussed with the Chairman of CAMA and following up its execution in accordance with the financial regulations of CAMA
  • Preparing the executive plans of the required training programs within the approved plans or any programs that shall be executed after the approval of the Chairman of CAMA in accordance with the rules and regulations of CAMI and proposing to amend it if necessary and required.
  • Conducting training courses for CAMA’s employees in the institute and supervising all types of training courses that are conducting abroad
  • Proposing the training courses that are required to qualify the employees of CAMI locally and abroad. In addition to participating in the seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • Following up and assessing all the training activities by taking all necessary procedures and submitting regular reports to CAMA’s top management
  • Filing and regulating the training curriculums, documents and different references that were obtained from ICAO, specialized international associations, national and regional institutes and colleges
  • Regular assessment of studying curriculums and training courses that shall be developed and updated in coordination with the concerned authorities as well as assessing the performance of the employees of CAMI by submitting regular reports
  • Preparing studies and proposals aiming at developing the training programs and curriculums as well as developing and updating the training methods and means
  • Coordinating with the colleges, local and external training centers in order to enhance the development of training level of CAMI
  • Submitting proposals for developing and expanding the activities of the institute to enable execution of the training needs
  • Assisting in searching for financial and technical support and funding in order to elevate the level of CAMI’s performance
  • Executing any tasks given to CAMI’s management by CAMA’s top management

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