About Aviation Institute

Brief Introduction about Civil Aviation & Met. Institute (CAMI):

CAMI was established in 1981 supported by ICAO until 1987. CAMA then have been responsible of supporting and funding CAMI since 1988, which was expanded in its training activities to include most of basic specializations and advanced courses in accordance with CAMA’s needs and requirements.

The building of CAMI is located nearby the terminal building of the current Sana’a International Airport. This location provides the possibility for the on job training (OJT) in the working sites to the trainees of CAMA. There is another building used as a branch in Haddah area that was rented recently.

The main institute consists of five adjacent buildings that are adequately furnished by containing the following components:

  1. Six class rooms with a total capacity of (84) trainees
  2. Five simulation and applied Labs such as:
    • Aviation Security Simulation Lab with a total capacity of (15) trainees
    • ATC Simulation Lab (aerodrome + approach) with a total capacity of (24) trainees
    • Computer Lab with a total capacity of (10) trainees
    • English Language Lab with a total capacity of (16) trainees
    • Five administrative offices
    • One Library
    • One training tools storeroom
    • Teachers’ Lounge

The branch building in Haddah area consists of the following components:

  1. Five class rooms with a total capacity of (60) trainees
  2. Big lounge suitable to conduct workshops, training courses and meetings
  3. Eight administrative offices
  4. One storeroom
  5. One basement

Headquarter: Republic of Yemen - Sana'a - Zubairi Street

Cama's Chairman Office

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Mobile: +967 777 474 240

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Fax: +967 1 272645 - 274718

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Email: web@cama.gov.ye